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Meet Evantra Storage & Smarts

Simplify Your Energy

Evantra is the world's first smart battery storage system that puts your home on energy autopilot and reduces your electricity bill.

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Power Your Dream House

Our mission is to make energy independence possible for all Australians. Evantra automates how your energy is stored and consumed to enhance your lifestyle, without compromising between cost and reliability. The most resilient form of energy is when battery, solar, and grid energy are integrated and can self-optimise or provide an easy way for homes and businesses to set their preferences on how their energy is used, sent back or stored.


Automatic outage detection and preference settings.


At less than 25 decibels, noise pollution is a thing of the past.


Automated self-power, backup, and load-shifting modes.


Standalone, requiring no additional modules or inverters.


Stores and manages your energy, for one less thing on your mind.


Peace of mind with 24/7 local customer support.


 10-year warranty for added confidence and trust. 


5kWh, 6kWh, and 10kWh battery options available.

Design Flexibility – AC or DC Couple.

5kW Inverter included.

Energy Independence

Made Possible

It starts with giving homes a simple way to integrate their solar, battery and the grid. Evantra provides smart battery energy storage that gives users the ability to set their preferences and switch their home energy on autopilot. Warm winter mornings, cool summer evenings, pumped pools and lowered electricity bills. Even reserved energy for necessities during blackouts.


Lithium-ion batteries are prone to overheating, higher costs, and have very little control over when, how, and where you can channel your stored energy.


Evantra pays for itself financially and environmentally, integrating your solar, battery, and the grid. Set and forget your preferences, and access reserve energy on your schedule.

Why Australians Love Evantra

"Evantra makes it easy to power my home with Solar - I love that I can monitor my usage away from home, and switch energy loads! Plus it’s small and compact and not obtrusive to my home."

Ronie Stevens

Manager Mo Works

"I just had Evantra installed. The technician was very knowledgeable and gave me a rundown on how to use my new battery, I didn't know there was an app I could use to monitor my energy usage! I'm excited to see the savings come!"

Daniela Abril

Regional Manager

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Unlock Energy Independence With Evantra

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